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JE jr. icons :3

Please help to spread the junior's love!

The icon community for JE juniors!
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We try to support JE junior's fandom :D


I try to make rules not that many rules... I know how annoying that can be -___-"

But still.. a community need rules, there is no doubt in that!
I would like to ask of everyone, who considers to be active in this community to check this rules!

1. If your post violates a rule the mods will warn you.
1.1 If the post isn't deleted within 1 hour, after the mod warned you, we will delete it.
[1.2 If there are more violations of the rules we switch to delete them immediatly.]

Community rules:
1. No bashing of any bands nor members nor fans.
1.2 No commercial posts, unless you pr another icon JE community.
1.3 Only current JE jr. icons, that doesn't mean you can post f. e. icons of KAT-TUN from their jr. time.
1.4 A list of your icons or/and a preview(maximum 3 pics) would be nice, but not needed, you can decide.
1.5 credit the creater of the icons you want to use.
1.6 You don't need any master posts (I find them very annoying myself....)
1.7 Let's have lots of fun!

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Picture credits for Header go to boys_paper